Gradspot 1: Eleni Laparidou, Edinburgh College Graduate


Gradsopt – Interviews with artists and photographers with eye-catching work, selected from graduating students from across the UK.

What inspires you?

It can be anything from an interesting character to a scene of everyday life in the streets, a vintage piece in a charity shop, a painting etc. Nature inspires me a lot too.

For the project ”Koudonophoroi” my main inspiration was Irving Penn and the Aborigines project he did in New Guinea. The bell bears was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the project few years ago.

What were the most challenging aspects of the project?

The performers are celebrating for three days in a row. The bells are heavy to carry. Everybody is very tired after all that. I was scared that they wont agree to be taken to locations and get photographed.

Another challenge was that I didn’t have the option to choose the models. I had to photograph whoever was available in the day.

What is the best piece of advice you were given and why?

Focus! And I don’t mean photographically. Being present every moment is truly important. To live each moment fully its certainly one of the best pieces of advice!

What is next for you careerwise?

I have a couple of projects in mind, which I want to explore. Meanwhile, I would love to work as an assistant. I believe this would be a great opportunity to learn few more tricks of the trade and expand my knowledge.

What is the most important thing you have learnt whilst studying at Edinburgh college?

Oh college! Its all over now. I have learnt so many things! Learning about myself was the best part! I have learnt to pay attention to detail and to learn from my disasters instead of dwell on them. Believe in myself and be more confident too. Sorry, I know you have asked for just one. 🙂

Eleni graduated from the BA Photography Programme at Edinburgh College in 2015.


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